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    Why is Flash Pro being deprecated??

    -mikey1969- Level 1

      It seems like Adobe is blowing off Flash Pro more and more and I find it disturbing. 

      I develop prototypes for Android apps.  Flash is SOOOOO much better for prototyping and rapid, X-platform conceptualization than ANY other product out there. 
      Nothing else (e.g. Edge Animate, Axure, Proto.io, etc...) even comes close for designers to use! 

      I can create fully functional prototypes of anything at all, in 1/10th the time and with 10x the level of flexibility that can be achieved with a prototype built by some engineer in native Android. (As for the wonderful HTML5 that Adobe keeps pushing - give me a break!  Maybe in 5 years it'll catch up, but for now it doesn't compare to the power of Flash to meet the needs of a rapid, iterative design process.)


      The Flash Pro forum isn't even listed on the main page of Adobe Communities?  You have to search for it.  :-(

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Hi mikey1969,


          We have a team that is developing Flash Professional.  The products listed on the forums page are based on the amount of traffic they receive, from what I understand. If there are features that you would like to see in Flash Professional, use the wishlist form to let us know.



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            -mikey1969- Level 1

            What I know is that every time I tell people in the industry that I work with Flash, I get raised eyebrows and the pitying looks people generally reserve for the elderly or mentally infirm.

            The whole industry thinks flash is either dead or dying.  Adobe has done nothing to dissuade them from this belief.  And, if the market doesn't kill my career with Flash Professional, then I am afraid the aforementioned team will.   If they keep on this course of dividing the functionality for designers away from the functionality for developers, I won't be able to use Flash any more.... And I LIKE Flash!  :-)

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              Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

              Forgive me but I would disagree. I work in L.A. where the bulk of US animation is done and here Flash is very much alive. There are many Flash houses here and most of them do work for the bigger studios. Flash is NOT dead. If you're referring to Toonboom Harmony, yeah it's out there but it's hardly better or taking over. It's also MUCH more expensive and has a longer learning curve. Do a search for Harmony tutorials and you'll clearly see it's got a loooong way to go in catching up with Flash. You're right though that Adobe could care less about us animators. Why? I really don't know.

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                -mikey1969- Level 1

                Thanks for keeping the discussion going Asym.  I have never heard of Toonboom Harmony, but I have not seen any tools that can do what Flash Pro can do.

                That being said, I don't see that you are disputing my original point:  Flash is being torn in two different, and almost mutually exclusive directions.  Either it is used for animation by artists (aka designers) who do not use any code.  Or it is used by developers who despise the timeline.  People like me, who were comfortably using the timeline and code to create interactive experiences (such as prototypes) since the inception of Flash (and AS1) are finding Flash to be more hostile.



                I think Flash started to go downward when Adobe took it over from Macromedia.  Since then, more and more of what I thought made Flash great started disappearing.  (A textbook case of what happens when you let engineers dictate the fate of a program originally intended for designers).

                First they took out the ability to import video to the timeline. 


                Then some genius tried to convince us that

                on (mouseDown){

                   // Do something


                was too complex and should be "Simplified" to

                addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler);

                function clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {

                   // Do something


                Looks easier to me!  (if you're an engineer with a background in OOP that is)      ;-)

                Virtually forcing the use of Object Oriented programming was quite a thrill. All of the documentation and example code is obviously written by and for engineers.


                Then they added faster 3D rendering - too bad you can't use the timeline.  Just recently, they stopped supporting F4V and FLV video formats.  (Another genius move; but I guess engineers don't need transparency in video so why keep it.)


                They've recently made it SO easy to export to HTML5 - which would be great if the code went with it.  Sadly though, HTML5 (and WebGL) output has a LONG way to go before it comes close to what an SWF could do....

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                  Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

                  Haha, I like your example! Yeah that does seem SO much easier!

                  I don't do much code, although I will admit I understood it a lot better when AS2 existed. Now it's like you say a LOT more complicated.

                  I am an animator by trade and if you're not you wouldn't find Harmony useful anyway a sit's specifically for television animation. I find myself wondering where Flash is going as well because Adobe clearly does not care what animators think and I had thought all the updates were making it better from programmers. Now with your comments I wonder just WHO they're updating FOR!??! the total sum of updates in CC2014 consist of bringing back vector export, screwing up the color palette, allowing you to resize the timeline in an awkward way (when you could already do it via the mouse wheel) and changing the suffix on extensions for no apparent reason. Oh and they added thick and thin widths to the Line tool. Yay.

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                    Amy Blankenship Level 4

                    I'm going to weigh in here as someone is both a designer and developing enterprise-level apps in Flash. I'd write a book about the concepts I use, which I call "semantic Flash" if I thought there were enough people interested in learning a whole new way of developing Flash to make it worth investing the time.


                    I personally think the AS3 version of Flash is beautiful and elegant and the changes had to happen to make Flash a viable product for as long as it has lasted. However, what happened is that Macromedia dropped the ball when it came to Flash 9/AS3. I say Macromedia because the decisions that were made happened prior to the acquisition. For whatever reason, someone decided that large-scale development couldn't be done in Flash using the timeline, so they put all of their eggs in the Flex basket for that side of things. And really everything. If you recall, Flash Player 9 didn't actually work very well with the timeline, because Macromedia focused so many resources on making it work for Flex they didn't have much left for in Flash.


                    Just seeing how the timeline actually does function, though, I believe there originally was someone on the team who had a vision of how this could work amazingly well with the timeline. I think that person probably left unfortunately before this vision could be conveyed to anyone else for whatever reason. So we were left with a dichotomy where "real developers" don't use the timeline and "designers" are completely intimidated by the code side. And this was something originated by how Adobe documented Flash and Flex in 2007. We now have very few people who can cheerfully marry both sides, mainly because many people see doing this as a little bit "icky."


                    When I spot someone on these forums who I think has the ability and the interest to learn to do that, I'll try to coach them, but I know that I'm asking them to take a huge risk. In part that risk is because there are no resources on how to do it other than ones I wrote (and some of those resources are lost to the winds of history), but in part it's asking people to pick up parts of the functionality that haven't been fully beta tested because nobody does this. And you have to be really really good at this to even figure out what's going wrong, much less figure out a fix or a workaround.


                    No, I don't know what it would take to fix this situation. I sort of doubt that it's worthwhile trying to change it at this point. My experience with Adobe is if you try to change their direction, even if it would benefit them to change, at best they'll ignore you.

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                      -mikey1969- Level 1

                      I agree with you Amy.  They tried to make Flash for developers by focussing on Flex. Unfortunately, for the most part, the developers I've worked with don't want much to do with Flash anymore.  It's too bad because, as you said, AS3 is a wonderful language.  (At least it became so after I got over how complex they made it.)  Luckily, some Android games are still made with Flash, and that has allowed 3rd party developers to write add-ons to Flash.  With ANEs, there is almost nothing you can't do!   I develop prototypes and simulations for mobile app concepts using Flash.  I've been using Flash for this since kind of work since about 97 (though not for mobile back then :-). I still don't know of a better tool for experimentation with UX and UI concepts, and I've worked with a lot of different software tools.

                      I love Flash.  It just kills me the way Adobe is handling it.  Leading me back to my original question: "Why is Flash being deprecated?"