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    develop module navigating through photo spot removal


      Using LR5 in the Develop module, I am trying to find an easier way of navigating through the photo while in soon 2:1 or 3:1 to remove spots.  I try to scroll and pretend I am making rows or columns.  It is taking a long time to scroll through the entire photo to look for spots to remove.  Is there a short cut or way to select the photo quadrant by quadrant to view up close, so that I do not miss anything and get carpal tunnel??  Such as just hit a button to go to the next portion rather than using my touchpad/mouse?  I am using a macbook air, thank you.

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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Page Up and Page Down keys will do that for you. When you're zoomed in they scroll up and down one screenful at a time and then across the image, in columns. For example, when Page Down hits the bottom of a column it will automatically go to the top of the next one. Also, the Home key goes to the top left corner and the End key goes to the bottom right corner.


          As you know, on a Mac laptop keyboard you don't see Page Up/Page Down/Home/End keys because there isn't room. But you do have them. If you press an arrow key while pressing the Fn key (bottom left of keyboard), Up Arrow and Down Arrow work as Page Up and Page Down, respectively, and in the same way Fn+Left Arrow and Fn+Right Arrow work as Home and End keys.

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            kel858 Level 1

            Thank you SOOOO much.  You don't know how much easier you have just made my life!!  Appreciate it and wish I would have asked long ago:)  Next forum topic: why am I getting so many bright plus signs in my photos?