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    starting a work flow


      OK I just had my old computer crash, I found out that the method I was using to save, backup my photos was disastrous. Long story I'm not going to tok about it in this post. So here I am with a new Mac. I only want the photos that I am working on to be on my hard drive. I want all finished images to go on a back up hard drive. Tell me if I am doing this right. I import them copy/move/add to my "pictures" folder. I create a folder, lets call it "Vacations", Then to the sub folder "California 2014" then I am good to work on them. So when do I create or don't I, a collection? And where would I export the finished images? And how do I get my images to a back up hard drive so I can easily find them. I know I left out a lot of info so as questions if you need to PS I am using LR 5

      Thanks in advance.