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    download page says "failed to open page"


      When I try to get the free trial, my computer takes me to a screen, but then quickly sends me to another screen that says


      "There is no application set to open the URL aam://SAPCode=PHSP?productVersion=15.0?passPhrase=FOLmM0VX5HCBoiDA9j1p7FQ2sRnSfjlaQj9rEED O7/48O3ua1gcTASz5nmofp4ph4TV3CAvIHiToozI6gJ0A7GZr5oYfCAWqQMOb5x6Rk5Q7u5E3X/5mWoApIbbuSevKc iYMs2TDygML6RdpyrJ9ge3nextiGn6+R03K1Jaf8Ak=."


      I have no idea what to do.  Please help.