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    Can't save, file is in use


      Hi all


      I have a user trying to save PDF forms that is located in a file share server.  The way she is signing it is by using the "Place Signature" option


      The files are from the scan to email function from a Xerox.  The forms are normally scan receipts that need approval


      When the PDF is on her computer locally, the file is signed just fine.  When she tries to sign the form and overwrite it while in the server, it will give her the error of "cannot save file, the file is in use" (something along those lines)


      I made sure that the file is not open by anyone.  The kicker is, sometimes the file would save with the signature and sometimes it would save it without (I know it is saving by looking up the 'last modified' line).  Both times giving her the error


      Any thoughts on why this error keeps happening?


      She is use

      Acrobat Pro XI (latest version)

      Windows 7 64-bit


      edit:  I also made sure that she has admin rights in the folders where she is signing everything