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    I am unable to upgrade my camera raw


      Hi all. I need help! I just upgraded all my software... and now I can't open camera raw or even upgrade it. My adobe applications manager has completely gone missing... any idea how to retrieve it so I can upgrade camera raw??

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Supply pertinent information for quicker answers

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          • Adobe product and version number
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            Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Lets start with your vitals.

            Photoshop version (I assuming creative cloud since you mentioned the manager but it is worth verifying)

            Operating system and its version

            Why you feel you need to upgrade camera raw

            What camera make and model do you have?


            Lets start there then if we need more, we can ask.

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              saskatchewan846 Level 1

              I currently have Photoshop CS5 (not creative cloud). I just upgraded my Mac OS X 10.6.8 to OS X 10.9.4. I upgraded my Lightroom from 3 to 5. My workflow is upload photos to Lightroom, do some pre edits then export them to camera raw and then to Photoshop CS5 (not creative cloud version) for finishing edits and saving image as jpeg. It said I needed to upgrade my adobe applications and so I did... using the Adobe applications manager icon on top right of  my home screen. Well it said it couldn't finish the update because Photoshop was open... which it wasn't. So after I re tried numerous times I thought if I just restart my computer to be sure everything is closed and re start the upgrade it would work. Then poof that icon for adobe applications manager is gone and I have been unable to recover it anywhere! So is there a way to recover it so I can update my camera raw??


              Because I was unable to locate it I thought I might have to upgrade my Photoshop because maybe I upgraded my OS X they aren't compatible?


              I have a Canon Mark ii but took these photos with the Mark iii which is why I had to upgrade Lightroom and thus causing me all these problems.....

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                saskatchewan846 Level 1

                Also I tried to purchase the upgrade CS6 via creative cloud but it won't allow me to change the country... I am in Canada not the USA so my billing info to make the purchase won't work..

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                  Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  OK, first of all since you are using lightroom, you have no need to upgrade camera raw. As camera raw is really part of lightroom. They have identical feature sets for editing.

                  When you edit the image in lightroom, do all you need there first, then you can edit the image in photoshop (tiff would be better than jpg) The file would open directly into photoshop not camera raw as it is not needed.

                  When you are done in photoshop, click save and close photoshop, the edited image will then be placed in the same location as the predited photo and will show up in lightroom, where you can edit it again if needed. (Don't choose save as and select another format)

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                    saskatchewan846 Level 1

                    I dont do any additional edits in Camera raw so that makes sense. However somehow I have it set up that when I export from lightroom it goes to camera raw first... is there a way to change that then? To open it straight to photoshop? My edits that I do in lightroom don't transfer over if I open the image in photoshop... and I have heard that tiff is better than jpeg, but how come?

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                      ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I think the issue is that the workflow was seamless with CS5/ACR6 and LR 3.  Now that you have updated LR to 5, it expects ACR 8.x to be seamless, and since you don’t have ACR 8.x it’s saying to update. 


                      CS6 is still being sold by Adobe and does work with ACR 8.6, too, so if you updated to CS6 and ACR 8.x then maybe LR wouldn’t complain, but you can do as Silkrooster mentioned and choose Render with Lightroom Adjustments (or some such phrase) and that’ll make a TIF or PSD on the way to the older PS without needing ACR-anything.


                      I think the Adobe Application Manager application got replaced with the Creative Cloud application so that’s why the icon disappeared.  You can do Help / Updates in PS or LR to get AAM to check for updates, because it’s still there, behind the scenes.


                      If you are interested in getting LR through the cloud then the cheapest way is to pay $10/month (US) and get PS-CC and LR5-CC as long as you keep paying.


                      Otherwise, if you purchased an upgrade to LR3 to LR5 and received a serial number, then CS6 is the last non-Cloud PS version, and you’d want to purchase an upgrade to that using the Buy button on the following page, which was found by searching adobe.com for (Photoshop cs6) and clicking on Buy Now in the quick-results that came up under the search box:


                      http://www.adobe.com/products/catalog/cs6._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_software_sl_c reativesuite6.html

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                        Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Look at the camera raw properties, there is an option for importing tiff and jpg images in camera raw. By default it is set to load a jpg or tiff into camera raw if the metadata has been changed for that file. Since you edited it in lightroom, it is possible for it to end up in camera raw even though it shouldn't.

                        Since youa re doing your edits in lightroom, you could set the option to never, then camera raw will not import tiff or jpg. BTW, tiff and jpg are separate options so you can change one and not the other.

                        If this still does not fix it, let us know.