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    zoom only works on outer parts of photo


      Very strange thing happening in LR5.6. When I go to zoom in on an image it only works on the outer 2/3s of the photo. it seems I can't zoom when clicking in the center. Same goes for when it is zoomed and I want to click the centre and drag to move to recenter the photo somewhere else. If I click on the centre it just does nothing. Also I can see that normally when I hover the mouse over the image, it shows the magnifying glass over those outer parts but when I move to the middle it just shows the mouse pointer, and same for when zoomed, the hand icon changes to mouse pointer. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?


      I am running a brand new iMac on OSX 10.9.4 Mavericks and have the CC version of LR installed and updated. The problem seems to be sporadic so I'm not sure if it's an Apple problem?