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    Need help with masking & applying the keyframes to other layers


      Hi There,


      I am trying to achieve this effect: Dropbox - Maroondah 2040 Animation.mp4 with the below vector graphic.


      I'm unsure the best way to go about masking it. At the moment I have split each shape (left & right sides) in half and mask it as too pieces see example -  Dropbox - Comp 2 RAM.mov 

      Is there an easier / better way to go about it?


      Ideally I would like to import each shape as a path from illustrator, and apply the gradient over the 5 stages as another mask. Is this possible?


      Also, once I created the animated ( stage one ) what is the most  efficient way of apply the masks the remaining 5 stages?


      Any tips or guidance would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advanced,