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    Moving 2 photos from LR to PS to work in layers.

    Nikon Nana Diane

      I have LR 5 and PS 6.  I have a Mac OSX 10.6.8  Shoot with a  D800.  When I select 2 photos and right click on edit in PS as layers, it gives me the message "may require ACR plug in 7.2 for full compatibility"  I called Adobe and I paid someone $19.00 to make sure I had the 7.2 plug in.  When I click open anyway, they don't show up in PS, just a black screen.  I called and they say they don't give phone help for PS now.  Do you know a phone number I could call to get help with this question?  I would gladly pay another $19 to know how to get them to open up in PS.  So frustrating!!  Thank you!