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    Slow (no) speed Indesign CC14


      I experience annoying slow speed on my Indesign CC14. I already had contact with the support staff. They thought it would be a corrupt file. But i tried the file on my home computer (Apple 27" 3.6 GHz Intel Core i5, 12 GB memory) and there it works perfectly.

      The computer on the office has the same specs. Also looked at the settings of Indesign and they are also the same. And still have 800 GB on the hard disk free.


      Every move i make in the file makes the computer calculate (turning wheel appears). It is true its is a big document, a magazine of 44 pages with photos and text(1.3 Gb). But it works fine on my home computer. Has any body a clue how to enhance the productivity on this machine?

      The other programs like photoshop or illustrator work well. No problems there.