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    After Effects Render Farm question


      Hi all, Newbie here.

      I just had a render farm constructed for faster processing of my After Effects projects. Through research I have learned that each individual processing computer needs a copy of After effects installed on it (if this is not so, please instruct me otherwise).

      I went to install AE on one of my slave computers, but the install gave me a prompt that said it could not install on a network path (the other computers my main computer is connected to.)

      So, my question is, is there another option for rendering with multi-processors (machines) with After Effects? Something like a rendering Plugin for AE that eliminates the need to install the program on every machine?

      FYI: I had a pro computer tech set up all the paths and communication from master computer to slaves, and they are all working correctly.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can give.