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    How do I get a licence deactivated that is on a dead computer


      I purchased a few years ago CS4 - I still have one licence active another was not deactivated by my ex husband who sold his laptop and the third was on a hard drive that was replaced and the licence not deactivated. I need a copy on my macbook pro that has the new hard drive. But it would be that all three licences are active when in fact they aren't.  Is it possible to have adobe deactivate the other two if I can give them the serial number of my computer?


      My disc is also in storage in one of about 70 boxes - is it possible to do all of this without the disc or the key? I could possibly find it but it will be no easy feat!


      And last question is it possible to back up my photoshop with all of my presets actions and brushes I have created? I have read this is impossible.


      Ohhh and also is there anyway of actually contacting Adobe??? There appears to be no email or phone number in support.


      Thanks :-)