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    Playing MPEG video problem

    hwa-jun yu Level 1
      I have this problem when I tried to play MPEG video.
      I imported a 10 Mb MPEG video to director cast, it used QuickTime to play.
      But the video itself plays little slow at first (the sound was playing smoothly). It's like the video was buffering while playing itself at the same time. After a few seconds, the video plays normally.
      My video is 320 x 240 size, running on 24 fps.
      My project is 640 x 480 size, tempo 30.
      I've updated my QuickTime player to the latest version.
      Yes, I did safe video preloading. I placed the video 5 frames before it is needed to play.
      I checked the following settings :
      Video, Audio, Paused, DTS, Streaming.
      and the Playback is set to Sync to Sound.

      I tried opening the MPEG with windows media player, and it plays smoothly.
      But the same problem occured when I tried to play the video on director stage and director Video: QuickTime preview.

      I wonder what was wrong.
      Please help.