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    Abonnement lightroom



      Je voudrais prendre un abonnement pour Lightroom et Photoshop, mais il est impossible de contacter les services Adobe pour un renseignement.

      Je vis la moitié de l'année en France et l'autre moitié en Espagne. J'ai un ordinateur dans chaque pays. Ma question est de savoir si avec un abonnement, je peux profiter de Lightroom suivant ma résidence.

      Merci pour vos réponses

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          sure, there should be no problem moving from country to country.  your subscription is linked to your adobe id so as long as you can sign in to adobe periodically, every 30 (for a monthly subscription) or 99 days (for an annual subscription), you should have no problem.

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            Squatinide Level 1

            Thank you for your answer.

            so I could load the programs on to my two computers, and when I am on one, I have just to be connected with an Adobe identification. No matter of the IP address.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              correct.  ip address is irrelevant.


              i've connected using my wireless laptop using many different networks/ip addresses and never had a problem.


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