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    Need help rewriting a Android Asset Export Script




      im in the process of exporting tons of Assets (mainly Icons) for Android in various resolutions (xxhdpi,xhdpi...)


      I stumbled upon a great script by Gaston Figueroa (Blog | Export to Android Photoshop Script | Uncorked Studios) which seems to work fine.


      The script works the following way:

      • it gets the active layer size
      • it resizes the active layer
      • it creates a new temp document with the dimensions of the new width and height
      • saves the asset as png


      Here is the script: /*! * Android Assets for Photoshop * ============================= * * V - Pastebin.com


      The problem is, that it trims the canvas around the icon (which is transparent in my case) and just resizes the layer (the icon itself).

      I need it to resize the whole canvas WITH the transparent space around the layer.


      I am very new to this whole Photoshop scripting thing and would appreciate some help of you experts :-)