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    Get User Information reading CAC Card

      Has anyone had experience validating a user into a web system using a CAC Card reader versus a username and password? If so can you give me some direction on how to get started. The governement is going to require all web sites to be accessed via a CAC Card and Reader and will no longer be using Username and Passwords. So I would like to get some study on this so that I can start making decisions on how I will be accomplishing this on my web system. Any help or links to sites would be appreciated.
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          Please visit the Washington Headquarters Services(WHS) web site at ipmsupport.whs.mil and download the following documents:

          1. Configuring DOD PKI Trust for Microsoft IIS (Necessary to set CF CGI.CERT vars)
          (filename: Configuring_DoD_PKI_Trust_for_MS_IIS.doc)

          2. Enabling ColdFusion for PKI (CF coding examples)
          (filename: ColdFusionEnablingFeb02.doc)

          Use your SmartCard to access the private area of the site. Click on the “PKE” menu choice and locate the first document under “PKE Documents” section. Scroll down to “Policy Documents” to find the second file. I hope this helps.