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    preloader does not stop until move is completely loaded

      like the title says, my movie starts playing when at 66% total loaded, this wasn't like that from beginning it worked before. noticed it after i've made changes to frames and layers (no changes i recall to even come close to affecting this functionality)

      On Slower Speeds (as tested within flash preview) my objects stutter when moving instead of smoothly flowing about.

      Here's my code that's applied to my preloader movie symbol:
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          your title and your first sentence aren't consistant if by "...my movie..." you mean your _root timeline and the code you displayed is attached to your preloader in frame 1 of your _root timeline.

          with those assumptions, if your preloader ever stops it would be because it does not exist on frame 2 of your _root timeline. and that only occurs when loaded and total are the same and you execute _root.gotoAndPlay(2).

          so, how is it that the _root timeline advance to 2 before the _root timeline is completely loaded, but your preloader continues and stops later?
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            DanM. Level 1
            i think i wasn't clear in my question, my apologies.

            what i mean to say is my preloader does not work as a "preloader" should. The preloader calculates the total movie byte and goes to play the second frame if and only if the movie is 100% complete, in my case it does not.

            at 66% it goes and play frame 2, i don't know why.

            This code is attached to a movie symbol not a frame, but would it make that big of a difference? besides it HAS worked fine in the past. i changed many parts of the movie from Frame 2 and beyond, but never touched anything (to my knowledge) related to the preloader.

            i hope i've clearified my questions a little bit.
            why does the preloader starts playing when the movie is 66% but not 100% complete? this makes my movie stutter on slow connections.

            By the way: gotoAndPlay(percent); is refering to my preloader movie symbol, a little bar going accross, it consists of 100 frames, so hence it goes to play that frame number.

            JUST FIXED IT! don't know if accidently deleted, but just applied stop(); to first frame of a layer and voila~! now it goes to 100% then plays frame 2 beyound!

            pretty sleezy, but i'll keep the post here in case somebody is experiencing the same symptoms.