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    When uploading a jpg.-file to Facebook it looks like s***


      Hi Photoshop-friends!


      I'm currently using CS5 at the moment and I'm doing some event-photos for my Football-team. It is mostly for fun but the bad graphics (?) kind of ruins the fun when I upload the picture to Facebook....


      When I'm done with the photo in CS5 I have both tried to save it as the best and biggest possible resolution (12) and lower (10, 8 and 6). Regardless it doesn't seem to work. When I post the picture on Facebook it still looks really bad. I'm not really that much into Photoshop so I would be glad if someone could sort of help me out :-)


      Thanks in advance



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We can't know. You could at least provide a link to the photo. Generally, though, you probably make a mess by a) not obeying color management, b) oversizing the image and c) in turn Facebook resizing and recompressing your image using their automatic system so it simply looks bad. The truth is somewhere in that combination (barring you potentially doing something really terrible to the images)