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    Is there a better way to deal with Edge Animate CC's library management?


      I haven't been using Edge Animate CC for very long, but I already have a huge list of complaints.  Although I could go into detail about features that seem to be missing from my version of Edge (just a quick example, all of the tutorials I've seen have a quick code insert feature on the right side of the code dialog box that my version doesn't seem to have, or even have the option for turning on), right now I want to focus on Edge's HORRENDOUS LIBRARY MANAGEMENT.


      So I created the following animation which I have put into an iframe:



      The issue I had on the first draft of this project was that I (perhaps naively) thought that there would be an option to actually re-size the pictures on export.  There wasn't, and so my original version was really, really large, took way too long to load, and needed to be updated. For the second version, I reduced the size of the pictures and made them JPEG files (some of the originals were - quite unnecessarily - large PNG files) and reduced the quality so that they were all under 10KB.  Of course, I had to rename the files and re-import them to Edge's library. This is where my problems started.


      You see, edge will put the files into a folder marked "images" when you publish them in a folder, so I just assumed (NOT UNREASONABLY) that the resulting animation would pull from the images folder.  It worked fine in the preview, so I pushed it via FTP, only to find that all of the original files (which were not in the new animation) were pushed to the new "images" folder.  The only library management that you get in Edge is apparently looking for the file in the folder you designate as the "Library" folder, so deleting these images out of the "Images" folder makes not one bit of difference. That should have been my first clue that something was rotten in Denmark, to use a Shakespearean metaphor. After removing these files and publishing my banner again, suddenly the new images weren't showing up. They were clearly in the "images" folder on the FTP server, but they weren't showing up in the animation.  So I inspected the banner on the site, only to find that rather than point to the images folder, they are in fact pointing to the library folder. WHY DO THE PUBLISHED IMAGES POINT TO THE "LIBRARY" FOLDER THEY WERE PULLED FROM INSTEAD OF THE "IMAGES" FOLDER THAT THEY'RE PUBLISHED TO? I added a new file tree that mimicked the folder structure and put the images in a mock "library folder" and now the animation works again. 


      The library management in this program is just plain awful (I can't stress this enough), making it a chore for experienced users and a red-hot rage-keyboard-pounding mess for everyone else. And the worst part, there doesn't seem to be any explanation from Adobe on why it is this way.


      I am really not looking forward to the next time I have to use this program at work.