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    Why does my secondary leading from InDesign get lost when outputting to a flowable ePub?



      The back page is InDesign and the top one is the eBook. The space above the first green bar (6 pt. deep box. 11/13 style, 10 pts above, none below) is good in eBook. Teaching Idea head (10/13, 3 pts. above. 2 below) has good space above and below in InDesign, lousy space above in eBook. Text is 10/12.5 with no secondary leading added above or below, and the lower green bar (another 6 pt box, 4 pts above and 1p1 below) has too much space above and not enough below in eBook. Can anyone explain what might be happening? Also, can you suggest a good source to learn to format for eBooks (fine with formatting for print, just need to know what to do differently for eBooks, what the quirks to watch for are. I'd really appreciate it. It was my 600th book (+/-) in print but it's my first eBook.