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    Lightroom opens Photoshop from backup drive

    TimOlive Level 1

      Sometimes LR opens PSCC 2014 from my attached BOOT CLONE (backup) drive, causing two concurrently running instances. This will happen if I have previously opened PSCC14 from the dock to load an image. LR doesn't realize PS is already running and opens it from the backup drive. This second instance finds the backup files from the fist instance and opens them as backup files. Very confusing and seems unsafe regarding losing work (i.e. which one to close down first). Once that happens, LR insists on continuing to open CC14 from my backup drive.


      Have repeatedly tried to remedy this by making sure LR preferences opens the copy on the boot drive, but theres on way to differentiate from the two drives. If I shut BOOT CLONE down LR will open the copy on the boot drive, but only temporarily. I have no idea how LR even sees the BOOT CLONE, or why.


      Bottom line is I never know for sure what's going on. Need a solution for this please.