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    Cannot record Flash animations

      Using Captivate 1.01. When recording full screen, Captivate will not record SWF animations played in a Flash player window. It will only record SWF animations as a static image of the first frame.

      Camtasia records everything with no problem.

      The program also frequently crashes when publishing a lot of slides (over 75 or so) -- very frustrating.

      Any help will be appreciated.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi marcalans

          Camtasia records everything with no problem.
          This is because of the inherent difference between the way Camtasia records as opposed to the way Captivate records.

          With Camtasia, it is literally like turning on a camcorder, then recording what happens on your screen. With Captivate, it's like you have an army of helpers. One is capturing individual screen shots using a digital camera. Another is keeping track of where the mouse start and stop points are as each picture is taken. Another is whipping up Post It Notes on the fly and sticking them on the digital pictures to indicate "Click this" or "select that". Yet another is watching for anything where a Camcorder is required, such as dragging a window from here to there. Or possibly dragging to select text or move the thumb of a scroll bar.

          Both products will ultimately create similar output. But the way they created it is vastly different.

          Some will claim that as a result, Camtasia is a better choice. But it all depends on what you wish to accomplish. For example, Camtasia is really strong and good at recording full motion stuff. But it falls on its knees and collapses miserably if you really wanted those nifty text captions created for you. Yes, you may add them later, but the process is more cumbersome than it is with Captivate.

          As for the project size, I've always heard that one should keep the Captivate project size somewhere in the ball park of 50-65 slides. I've seen reports of movies where 30 is too many and I've also seen reports where folks regularly create 150 with no issues. This is all probably a mix of things such as the dimensions of each project as well as how many objects and audio are on each slide. Additionally, PC specs come into play. Maybe folks that have issues with 30 slides are using bare minimums while those creating 150 are exceeding the minimum specs.

          Hopefully this either sheds light or offers up an acceptable explanation for things.

          Sincerely... Rick