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    Flash Player installation problems


      I have been trying to install the flash player for quite some time.  Every time I try the status bar just says retrieving install.  I have ben through the trouble shooting page and have uninstalled the old version but nothing has helped.  Any ideas?

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          jazman05 Level 1

          Forgot to mention that I'm working on a Mac.  OS X 10.9.4 Safari 7.0.6

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            I tried to post this on Adobe Communities but once I filled everything out I was informed that I could not post.  And I thought that I was logged in.  Just more fuel for the fire. 


            More frequently than any other program I use, I get notifications to update Adobe Flash Player.  Whenever I click on the update icon, Safari opens and I am offered the opportunity to download a file or a link.  Then I go to downloads and double-click which launches something.  A progress bar appears and then always stops telling me it cannot continue because Safari is open.  I did not open Safari, Adobe did!  So i manually close Safari and then RETRY.  The update then finishes, returning me to Safari which I just closed with a previous click.  At that point I am basically presented with an advertisement for Adobe products, whether I have them or not.  I also have an option of returning to the previous web page.  When I click on that option nothing happens! 


            My question is am I crazy?  Does anyone else experience more frequent updates from Adobe than any other program.  Does anyone else think it is insane to have to manually close Safari only to have it re-opened by the same installer that said it was required to close it to finish the install.  I would appreciate someone illuminating me as to what it is that I do not get.  Thanks!

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              If you are crazy, so am I. It just hangs on the Retrieving... window. I also get lots of notices to update my Flash Player. I hope someone from Adobe reads these forums. BTW one of the threads I followed was to right click on the install icon and follow through some steps the eventually lead one to a Resource Folder. However the contents of that folder matched nothing with what the thread indicated should appear. Dead end.

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                zekester Level 1

                You're not crazy. I was having the exact same problems. Same OSX and Safari versions as you have, although I use Firefox 99% of the time. I found a direct download link for Flash: Installation problems | Flash Player | Mac (hopefully you can see the link - I pasted it in as text, but the page made a hyperlink out of it). I downloaded the .dmg and opened it on my desktop, which gave me the "Install Flash".app. But here's the difference this time: I CLOSED FIREFOX before running the .app. It had been failing on me through several different update cycles, but this time it installed correctly! I then went to the Apple icon and System Preferences. Double clicking on the Flash icon shows me that I now have (I had before updating), so I guess I'm good for the moment. Hope that helps.

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                  LawrenceToo Level 1

                  Thank you! The link had the info I needed to bypass the recommended unworkable way. It’s installed now!