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    lightroom locks up


      I am using Lightroom on an iMac with OS X 10.9.4.  I wanted to moved my photos from my local iMac hard 1TB drive to my Drobo Pro where I have plenty of disk space capacity.  The Drobo Pro looks to the OS X file system like an external hard drive and is working fine with all other software.


      I when I try to move folders and photos in Lightroom 5.6 between a hard drive and my Drobo Pro it copies the first few photos and then locks up Lightroom.  Progress bar of the move freezes.  Eventually everything locks up the iMac with the Finder becoming non-responsive.  I have to do a hard shutdown of the iMac to recover.  This has happened consistently. 


      Any thoughts on this problem or a way around it?  This sounds to me like a Lightroom bug.