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    Flash Player errors on all browsers




      I've been getting various errors when trying to use flash player.


      What I'm using:

      Windows 8.1 (fresh install as of 8/4/14)

      Toshiba Satellite 15634 TouchScreen Laptop

      IE 11 -- newest

      Firefox -- newest

      Chrome -- newest

      Opera -- newest

      Flash Player -- newest


      What I can do:

      Use Flash Player for most applications. Youtube, facebook, Netflix and other video players are fine.


      What I can't do:

      Access certain video players. That is HBO Go, Google Play, etc. This is on every browser I have installed -- IE, Firefox, and Chrome/Opera -- but I get different errors depending on the player I'm trying to use and the browser I'm accessing it through.


      HBO Go -- HBO GO cannot play this show at this time. Please try again later. [Code D-1007]

      HBO Go w/ Chrome -- This video cannot be played with the current settings of your Chrome browser.  To play this video, you need to update your Chrome settings as shown here: http://helpx.adobe.com/adobe-access/kb/error-3321.html [Code D-1001]

           Followed those instructions, still get the error.



      Google Play -- There is a problem with your Flash player. Click here, select "Reset License Files", and restart your browser.
           Followed those instructions, still get the error.

      Google Play w/ Chrome -- This is the weird one. When I first tried it, it popped with a generic error saying the 'video cannot be played at this time, please try again later.' I spoke with Google Customer Support and after a lot of wrangling and generally not understanding what the problem was, he gives me a link to youtube where I can watch my Google Play purchases. For every other browser I got the same errors as usual, but it miraculously worked on Chrome. AFTER watching that video from the youtube page, I can now access it just fine from the Google Play site, albeit in Chrome only.


      Any ideas what's going on?

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          DPC Level 1

          I have also tried disabling the Pepper nonsense in Chrome.

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            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

            Two things to try.  I'd be curious about feedback on whether or not one of these works for you.  This will work for the non-PPAPI browsers.  PPAPI Chrome is it's own beast.


            Open Settings/Control Panel > Flash Player

            Under Local Storage, choose Delete All


            If that doesn't work:

            Under Advanced > Browser Storage and Settings, choose Delete All

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              DPC Level 1

              Fantastic, it worked. I have no idea why, but I'm assuming there was some kind of license file I had downloaded that was preventing me from playing those videos. The Firefox error message in Google Play wanted me to reset my license files using the settings manager, but I guess it just wasn't doing what it was supposed to. Points for Jeromie.

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                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                Sweet, that's great to hear.


                I googled for that error message, and what I gleaned based on reading a bunch of the threads was that it wasn't directly related to the DRM vouchers, but to a Local Shared Object (aka Flash Cookie) that was probably maintaining your login session.  My guess is that the content providers had to restart their Flash Media Servers, and the LSOs associated with the content provider then referred to a session that no longer existed or something.  Blowing away the LSOs seems to fix it.  Given that blowing away the LSOs does resolve this problem, logging out of the content provider's service completely and then logging back in would probably get you a new session token, which would most likely also resolve instances of this error message.