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    Slow menus and dialog boxes


      I recently reinstalled windows on my computer (fresh install, no hardware changes) and since then photoshop has been incredibly slow. Clicking on any menu or waiting for a dialog box to popup takes several seconds, before it was pretty much instant. Doing anything else in the program seems normal, but with the menus so slow its almost unusable.

      So far I’ve tried:

      Uninstalling and reinstalling photoshop.

      I had the latest graphic driver installed and I’ve tried downgrading to the version I was using before.

      Disabling GPU settings in photoshop, and unchecked use graphics processor all together.

      I have a good virus scan (have also tried disabling it).

      Nothing has worked. This is the only program I’m having trouble with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Windows 7 x64 w/ all latest updates

      AMD FX8150 3.61GHZ

      32gb memory

      2x Radeon HD 7800