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    Problem in completing the tutorial

      Hello there,

      I´m currently going through the tutorial offered by Adobe for Flash 8 trying to fulfill the tasks included there ( http://download.macromedia.com/pub/documentation/de/flash/fl8/fl8_getting_started.pdf) Doing so, I´m facing some problems which I find completely unresolvable as a newby. I hope someone here can help me to go on...

      The problem face appears after creating a slideshow and introducing the ActionScriptCode (p.147ff., german version).

      The ActionScriptCode is:

      function testFunc(eventObj:Object) {
      menu_mc.title_txt.text = "Testing the title";
      menu_mc.description_txt.text = "Testing the description";
      // add the event listener for the button
      next_btn.addEventListener("click", testFunc);

      The program announces the following errors:

      **Fehler** Szene=Szene 1, Ebene=blueArea, Bild=1:Zeile 1: Anweisung muss innerhalb einer on/onClipEvent-Prozedur vorliegen
      function testFunc(eventObj:Object) {

      **Fehler** Szene=Szene 1, Ebene=blueArea, Bild=1:Zeile 7: Anweisung muss innerhalb einer on/onClipEvent-Prozedur vorliegen
      next_btn.addEventListener("click", testFunc);

      ok, I hope someone can help me!