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    Images pixelated when exporting to PDF - Why?


      I am attempting to export an InDesign CS4 file to a PDF. It is a calendar grid, with 12 pages (months).



      I have placed images for the phases of the moon into the appropriate dates.



      The images were originally 72 dpi, and I increased it to 3-00 dpi before inserting them into InDesign.



      I did not expand the size of the images, in fact I've reduced them by 10% by scaling the image.



      I have the display quality set to high.



      When I view the images in the file through InDesign, they look fine.



      But when I export the file to a PDF, the images appear to be horribly pixelated.



      Would anyone know what is causing this issue, and how to fix it?



      Any help that anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.



      Thanks in advance!