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    not your average preloader

    kevindauth Level 1
      had no problems until player 9, so I tryed a new preloader that already works! but doesn't work in this other movie Clip attached ?Strang indeed?

      mind you I do have the preloader inside a movie clip that loadMovies into a level!
      I think I made it a bit to complex but wanted it this way so I could drag the movie around at same time
      please download this link and have a look , and let me know if you can help


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          Does it work when it's actually streaming from a server? I ran into issues when I was using MovieClip.loadMovie() and wanted to track download progress. But it worked fine on the server.

          Anyway, look into using the MovieClipLoader class. It's the better way to load movies anyway and it might fix whatever problems you are having.

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            kevindauth Level 1
            the movie loads fine with loadMovie(); just the preloader has stoped working since player 9?

            Do you meen that this movie class is the problem for the preloader failing I read this below!

            In Flash Player 9, the Progress Bar Component may not function correctly in some cases because the Flash Player is using text data from the server instead of referrer data to determine the size of the content being loaded.???????
            thanks man