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    Flash Player Crashes - Please, HELP!


      I have been working on a flash project for quite some time now, and I am approaching its due date. However, a major problem keeps ocurring - the flash player crashes when a certain actionscript function is executed. I have been struggling with it for a very long time, and am getting desperate to find out why it crashes before my deadline passes.

      The applet crashes when a certain function is called, but not every time it is called. The crashing seems to be random - at least, I cannot find any pattern at all related to when it crashes.

      Here is the code that I think is causing the problem. - the setUnitManagement() function is called directly before the applet stops.

      Are there any known reasons for the flash player to crash? Any script or built-in actionscript function that could possibly cause this problem?

      Please help! I am very stressed to get this fixed A.S.A.P.!
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          Septenary Level 1
          Ah, no... I tested it further, and found that the script I posted above is not causing the problem. This puts me even further back than before... I truly have absolutely no idea what part of the applet is malfunctioning now.

          If there is any sort of list of known reasons for the flash player to crash... actionscript or animation... I would greatly appreciate seeing it.

          Sorry if I'm failing to provide enough information about my problem...
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            Septenary Level 1
            Ah... It turns out that the function pushed a new value onto the end of an array that was copied onto a local shared object. Slicing the array before it was copied to the local shared object worked perfectly. :D