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    Is there a way to read/write original .xmp settings of a CR2 loaded as smart object onto a .psd layer?

    Calhoun Smith

      Hello all. This has been asked in varying degrees before, but many of the discussions I found relative to my question are from the period 2010 to 2013. Thought I would throw this out there again medio 2014 to see if anything new has developed that I'm somehow missing.


      Here's the situation:


      1. In the filesystem, a CR2 file and a sidecar .xmp file with ACR settings applied via Bridge (CS6).

      2. CR2 file is opened in Photoshop (CS6) as a smart object (.xmp sidecar settings are applied in the process).

      3. CR2 file and .xmp now exist on a .psd layer as a smart object...in some unknown form.

      4. File is saved as .psd


      My question is this:


      Is there ANY way at all via Bridge and/or Photoshop scripting to read/write/access/touch/poke/prod the original ACR "development" settings, originally stored in the .xmp sidecar file, that apparently now exist in some form on the smart object layer in the .psd? Via scripting in Bridge, one can alter the metadata on this saved .psd file, no problem, but this is not the same .xmp data that is being referenced by the image loaded as a smart object onto the .psd layer in that file. Where is this second set of data? Can it be accessed?


      Any info, enlightenment would be much appreciated. Thanks.