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    UPDATE: Clip Moves on Test Movie

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      My original post is below. Since then, I have discovered that the issue
      only appears when I test the movie. If I open the resulting .swf file
      by clicking, it plays fine. I still think this is pretty darn odd, but
      at least I was able to continue with other parts of the project.

      Original post:

      What could cause a clip to be repositioned on test movie? I'm using
      Flash 8 on
      a laptop running XP Home. Writing in 2.0 with all my Actionscript in
      .as class files. I have a clip that contains an imported gif file. The
      is positioned with its upper left corner at 0,0. The clip is positioned
      on the
      stage at x:50 (which centers it), y:0.

      When I test the movie, the clip is repositioned about 70px in the
      negative y
      direction (up). I'm only using one frame, any action happens
      I have no scripting that changes the position of the clip.

      Any suggestions?