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    Advice on what profiling hardware/software to get

    Andy_Baz Level 2

      Please can i get your thoughts on what color profiling software/hardware i should get to calibrate my printers and scanner.


      I work at family printing business where we run 2 litho presses (Komori Lithrone & Sanxin), 1 x large format (Epson 7800) and 1 x digital printer (Oki ES9410).


      For over 10 years i have had experience with color management and i  understand the process fully, but i have never used hardware to create profiles. Up until now our presses and large format machine have been calibrated by external bodies, but now i would like to attempt to calibrate our scanner (Epson GT10000+) and our digital & large format machines.


      My knowledge is that x-rite are the best in the business but im not sure what actual models are best for my purposes, but i welcome all advice in this matter.


      We use both Mac and windows computers if that makes any difference.



      All the best

      Andy Barrington