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    test loadvars from Flash authoring tool with session?

      Im often working with the loadvars to send and load data betwen the database and the flash application. Thats no problem
      when I run the flash from the Flash authoring tool and the connection to the aspx which handles the databaseconnection not is secured with a password( mostly session or cookie based security).
      But when the page is secured and u need to login befor u can connect to the page (for example a web community) i cant test and debug from within Flash authoring tool. It seem as even if i login in a browser and then hit the test movie(ctrl+enter) in flash it doesnt recognise the session. The only solution i found is to copy and run the swf on a webserver to test and debug, but when doing a lot of testing this copy,paste, test in browser job gets really annoying.

      Is there anyone who has a solution to this problem?
      I would be really thankful for an answer.