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    What ever happened with a clean workflow? Basic Issue AE Masking




      I am using AE and Premiere CC 2014. While editing in Premiere, I use the dynamic Link to edit some clips in After Effects.

      In After Effects, I want to key out my Green Screen. So far so good. But I also need to mask out unwanted areas.


      So I'm masking the motive and see in my preview the mask line around my motive. But for some reason the outside of the mask doesn't dissappear. Neither in my Adobe Preview, nor in Premiere via DL, not even the rendered video has the outside invisible.


      I checked the settings for the mask, it's on add. By swiching to the other settings, I get no different Result on my Preview Screen.


      What am I doing wrong? This is just basics and leaves me frustrated if I have to go back to CS 6 to get this working right..