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    Lightroom 5.6 Upgrade Keyword Bug

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      I have posted this bug on the forum 10 days ago and STILL there is no reply

      from Adobe regarding it.  Hence, I am even more frustrated!!




      Since upgrading from LR 5.4 to 5.5 and then 5.6 I have a repeatable

      keywording bug. I noticed a problem with keywording with 5.5 and quickly

      upgraded to 5.6 thinking that would fix the problem. It hasn't.




      I use keywording to create smart collections for my workflow. After working

      with a couple of photos, all of a sudden, when I click a keyword in the

      keyword set for 1 photo only, LR puts the keyword on 3 photos. When I click

      the keyword again to remove it from the 1 photo, it does remove it from the

      other two as well, however, now the keywords on all of my other (1000's)

      photos in LR do not show. They do no show in the keyword tags box, nor do

      they show as ticked in the keyword list.




      The key words are still on my photos as all of my smart collections still

      show the correct count and correct photos.




      The only way I can fix this is to quit LR and restart it. This is a bit of a

      pain to do several times in a hour depending on the number of photos I'm





      I'm using LR 5.6 on a Dell tower running Windows 7 64-bit.




      Many thanks in advance.










      L P Mines