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    Recognising Director files

      I've got a mac G4 that was recently upgraded from classic to OSX. Now when I upload a director projector onto it, it doesn't recognise the program anymore, it asks me what application/ program I want to open it in.
      The director files are created on a PC but published for osx. I have another mac which was has always had the OSX operating system and this opens the director movies fine?
      Any ideas?
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          Doc Raman Level 1
          You might have lost the info when you got the file from the PC to the Mac. Did you use the same method on both computers? If you do apple-i (Get Info) on the file does it still think it is an application? If not info has been lost (binary to ascii sort of thing - maybe...I'm no expert on details such as that). You might want to try putting the extension of .osx on it just to see what it thinks.

          You might want to try just zipping the file and then moving it to the Mac, or just burning it to a CD.

          I've never done the PC to Mac transfer, but do the Mac to PC quite often. Putting the file on a PC server in between often causes problems (thus the zipping/CD method instead).