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    I need an advice ..


      Greetings ,,


      I'm having a problem with after effects when its come with the rendering stuff it's always crashes on me even i have a small files

      I'm using new Dell laptop inspiron 15R that i just bought in the first weeks the rendering was perfect but now its barelly working .

      laptop info :

      i7 cores -4500U dual cpu 1.8Ghz up to 2.4Ghz

      16 GB of ram

      intel HD 4400 intergrated card

      AMD Raedon 8600M HD series 2GB dedicated card


      I tried the multi proccering but it didnt work alright too , i even tried increasing the after effetcs memmory but that didnt work either

      any help would be appreciated

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What exact version of AE are you using (down to the last decimal point)?

          What format and codec is any footage are you using in your scenes?

          What other assets are you using?

          What third-party plugins?

          What effects?

          Heck, we don't even know what the error messages or crash logs say when it goes down!

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            aloooy_10 Level 1

            hey ,

            thanks for responding ..

            i uses after effects version 11.04 and i use element 3d that happens when  uses metropolitan packs

            i tried to exported as Avi 1920 by 1080p and the frame rate is 29.97

            and when its crashes a small box appears says after effects is not responding and sometimes the whole windows freezes and i have to take off the bettery to shut it down.

            and i forgot to mention that my graphics card crashes too and here a picture of the after effects when my that happens. @Szalam


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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That bit about the graphics card crashing and that you're using Element 3d are some very significant pieces of information...


              Update Element. They released a bug fix update recently.

              Update your graphics card driver.

              If that doesn't do it, lower the quality settings in Element.

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                aloooy_10 Level 1

                I will do it ! , thanks for your help @Szalam