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    Is there a reason why some auto generated numbers don't align with the text?


      I'm building a small book in InDesign and the generated chapter numbers only display aligned correctly with the chapter text in two chapters. In the others they are slightly lower than the baseline and print that way. They all use the same paragraph format and list title. (I've even checked the  Master Pages for stray objects that might interfere and don't see anything.) Has anyone seen this and can point me to a solution?  The original document came from Pages converted to MS Word so I've tried to see if there are some odd characters that came in with the conversion but as you can see from the captures below, nothing shows up. Any help identifying the problem or a cure would be greatly appreciated.

      Below is a chapter that displays incorrectly and it's Basic Character Format options.




      This is the same information and display from one of only two chapters that are aligned correctly.



      Here is the same information for the not working and working chapter number showing the options for the Bullets and Numbering.