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    Disable Cell of Tree Component

    Ankur Arora Level 1
      I want to add a property to the rows/cells of Tree component, by which I can enable and disable the clicking of the rows. Any idea?

      Thanks in advance
      Ankur Arora
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          Haven't tried this, but its an idea:

          Tree inherits from the List class...
          so you have itemRollOver and itemRollOut events which lets you know the index of the item
          and a selectable property (at the level of the list (or tree in this case), not for a specific cell or index)

          so, you could listen for itemRollOver and set the selectable property of the Tree based on whether the index that you rolled over is supposed to be selectable or not.

          Like I said, I haven't tried it.