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    How to make a leader like 'De wereld draait door'?


      How to make a leader like this one: De Wereld Draait Door - Intro (nieuw) - YouTube

      If you have any tips, please tell me .

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's not a plug-in or effect, it's a bunch of 3D layers shaped like a semicircle with the anchor point on the straight edge rotating. You could use some expressions to make things easier. Once you get the basic globe made of cards working the best option for the rest of the animation would be to move the camera or parent the whole globe made of cards to a 3D null and animate the null's position. You may end up with a null parented to a null parented to all of the semicircles.


          It's not a newbie project. It going to take some 3D skills in AE.


          You could also do this in a 3D app. The concept is the same. Semi Circle flat cards rotating about the straight edge.