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    Vimeo video

    smenegassi Level 1



      I use this code to embed a Vimeo video into edge. It is a test so to see what is the best way to put videos on line.

      The code is this:

      var vimeo = $("<iframe/>");









      when I test from inside Edge Animate interface it works ok in Chrome. When I try to read the html file from my disk, Vimeo says the video doesn't exist.

      I don't know why....

      Any help ?

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          It's the src attribute value you're using - when you open the HTML file locally, the browser doesn't know how to get to  //player.vimeo.com


          You can view the video from Edge Animate's preview because Animate serves its previews from a local web server. To test an HTML page with a vimeo video, upload the page and required files to a web server, and then test it from there.




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            smenegassi Level 1

            Yes, thank you. I figured  it out last night.... its ok. The funny thing (or tragic) is that I can read my video in Chrome and Safari but not in Firefox. I guess that Firefox wraps my mp4 movie in Vimeo in a sort fo FlashPlayer. Should I upload my videos to Vimeo in ogv format to use them on my Edge project ?


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              robboerman Level 4

              the reason why it doesn't work here, is because you are using the link //player.vimeo.com/video/98626716?

              it will only work when it is online then. and not on local files ( it will search for the file named that then. )


              you could use http://player.vimeo.com/video/98626716? as link ( with the http:// before the link)


              - Rob Boerman


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                smenegassi Level 1

                Thanks Rob, you are the one I wanted to talk to, when I  wake up this morning !


                What I need to do it's to put a video in the background of a page and control it so at the end it triggers some actions.


                I tried with the <video> tag. It is OK everywhere but in Chrome. Chrome doesn't find the video. Firefox and Safari and Explorer is ok


                Then I told me myself why not Vimeo.Vimeo should solve all problems. OK. It plays allright in Chrome, Safari but NOT in Firefox. And I don't know how to control it.


                LAst but not least, I can use yours EdgeHero backgroundvideo class. It should work. But I don't know how to control that video. I need to give it some ended instructions, but I don't know it's ID.

                Can you help me on that please. This is becoming urgent.

                Thanks a lot.

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                  robboerman Level 4

                  with edgehero.js you control the backgroundvideo with only the other classes where you can create other buttons with and stuff like that.

                  but no control by code. ( example : http://www.edgehero.com/examples1/video/video.html


                  you could try to create the current video as backgroundvideo

                  the code needs to be something like this:

                  sym.$("myvideoname").attr( "height","auto" ).css({

                      'display': 'block',

                      'position': 'absolute',

                      'bottom': '0px',

                      'right': '0px',

                      'min-width': '100%',

                      'min-height': '100%',

                      'width': 'auto',

                      'height': 'auto',




                  the 'myvideoname' needs to be the name of your video


                  - Rob Boerman


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                    smenegassi Level 1

                    Ok thank you. I see.

                    But I have the video as a background and I can control as I want on a <video> HTML tag. The problem is that I cannot see the video in CHROME. It works fine with FIREFOX and Safari.Even if the video takes some time to load.

                    I don't understand why it is not working in Chrome.

                    Can you try to see if you can see it with Chrome, please.


                    Salle Olga Bancic






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                      robboerman Level 4

                      your project gets stuck for me on preload because it can not find the jquery.js files

                      ( add the /edge_includes/ map to your project with the jquery files in there or render it in edge animate with the jquery files from cdn ( it gets loaded from the adobe server then)

                      + loading takes a long time because alot of files are getting preloaded.

                      all the files, even when not used are getting preloaded, be sure that all the files in your project are used, if not remove them from the project folder.

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                        smenegassi Level 1

                        YES ! BUT  where do I get this maps ? jquery-2.0.3.min.map and the edge.4.0.1.min.map ?

                        I never saw that!

                        Should they not be include when publishing ?

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                          robboerman Level 4

                          it should run without the .map files but it doesnt for you.

                          everything gets loaded but gets stuck, remove the preloader and see if there are any jquery errors then.


                          - Rob

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                            smenegassi Level 1

                            OK thank you I ll do that. I found some about this on the web

                            google chrome devtools - jQuery's jquery-1.10.2.min.map is triggering a 404 (Not Found) - Stack Overflow


                            it's a bit complex. even if I download the jquery map (i didn't find a version 2.0.3) where to get the edge map.

                            As for all the others files, yes I know, i have to clean all this up, but the project is still on a "mokup" phase. And I am stucked with this Chrome issue.

                            Thanks a lot for your time. I'll remove the preloader and see.

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                              smenegassi Level 1

                              I put the page on another link:

                              Salle Olga Bancic


                              without preloader - it didn't change anything.


                              I believe that I'll try to disable sourcemaps if I can find where to do it.

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                                robboerman Level 4

                                ok, firefox gets loads slow on the mp3 btw, your problem isn't in the html or code but in the loading / preloading of that.


                                i alwase just remove the things that i think that are causing it, and find the problem that way.

                                otherwise you could start a new project and copy the old things to the new project to prefent any bugs in edge animate itself.


                                - Rob

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                                  smenegassi Level 1

                                  Thanks Rob,I'am doing just that. Cleaning up my project files and I'll start a new project.

                                  There might be a  problem with loading as you said because before this video that is not loading there is a first  one that loads Ok, in every browser.


                                  I send you the link if you can have a look. After the intro, you should click, on the menu at the button of the page the LA VISITE button.

                                  thank you for your time.

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                                    jbowden Adobe Employee

                                    Try unchecking "Preload Video" for your video elements. There have been some cases reported in Chrome where preloading of certain video files can somehow be a problem.


                                    If that works and you have several videos, you can try re-enabling preloading one at a time until you find the culprit.

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                                      smenegassi Level 1

                                      Thank you. My project was a real mess. I cleaned it up, disabled sourcemaps, unchecked Preload for video and audio files and it is working.

                                      Now I'll replace les preloads one by one and I ll check all the time to find out what was the cause of the problem. But I believe the mess in my project was the main reason...

                                      There a issue with Chrome, yes sir !

                                      there is a link into it :

                                      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18365315/jquerys-jquery-1-10-2-min-map-is-triggering-a- 404-not-found

                                      Thank you  Rob for putting me on the right track and thank you Joe. It is working. Sunday begins NOW.