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    How to increase footnote space?




      I am working on a piece of text in Indesign CS6. The text contains the work at the top and a commentary to the work in the footnote area. The commentary is quite lengthy, thus there are many footnotes for just one paragraph. The opening paragraph to the work has approx. 12 footnotes on its own.


      Unfortunately, Indesign has made half of the work that was originally on the page go onto the next page as there are too many footnotes at the bottom. This has left a whole load of space, and I have noticed this on all pages. That Indesign automatically shifts text onto the next page when a certain amount of the footnotes are inserted. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this limitation and put in unlimited amounts of footnotes on every page of the document? Increase the amount of space for footnotes?


      Thanks in advance for all the help !

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          David W. Goodrich Level 3

          The short answers is you can't increase ID's space for footnotes.  Unlike certain word-processors, InDesign will begin a footnote only on the page where the note's reference falls in the main text.  Thus if you have 3 footnotes in one line, for example, there's a good chance ID will push that line to the next page and leave a gap on the preceding page.


          If your commentary is very lengthy then ID's footnotes simply may not work well: you may need to put the commentary in a separate story running through a separate set of frames on each page -- a task all too familiar to PageMaker veterans.   Once you get going the work isn't as tedious as you might think, plus you get more flexibility: with a page big enough for two columns, you can put notes in the outer column, and encroach on the bottom of the main-text column as necessary.


          Check out Peter Kahrel's workarounds and scripts for handling notes.



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            unbeknown Level 1

            Thanks, but that's a pity. InDesign developers should look into this and allow users to control the amount of space for footnotes. With the endnotes, it won't go with the flow of the work. The work on its own amounts to approx. 10 pages, but the commentary is 100.