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    Create shapes from vector layer: Does it work with open paths?

    Avidalone Level 1

      I have a illustrator file with a few layers containing "paths" or brushstrokes. In illustrator, if I turn off the stroke, I have only the paths. Good. When I import that to AE as a Comp, select the layer and try to "Create Shapes from Vector Layer" it give an warning:  "Could not create outlines. Empty or unsupported content". If I go back to Illustrator, turn back on the stroke, then the layer will Create Shapes, BUT they are all closed outlines of the original brushstrokes.

      If I cut and paste from Illustrator I get:

      With stroke on - closed masks NG for sequentially stroking in AE –

      With strokes off, the correct paths but as masks.  Thats OK, but I really want to have the paths in a Shape Layer so I can wiggle and trim etc.


      Is "Create Shapes from Vector Layer" only for closed shapes?  Or does the problem lie in Illustrator (in which I am admittedly not an expert) ?