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    InDesign CC -> Some network links are always broken though  \\ accessible?




      Though I can browse \\ into the Windows Server hosting our folders where we store our graphics, somehow InDesign CC (PC) consistently finds some, not all, but some, of the graphics links to be broken. I can open in windows explorer the network folder, without having to explicitely type any password (LDAP is set that way), and have the folder open on one screen clearly displaying in the preview pane the 'missing image'. And on the other screen I can open InDesign and the file that has that image, and most images (from the same network folder) will open up fine but some will say the link is broken. Even if no one else is on the network accessing the files.


      Is this is a known issue?

      Is this working as intended?

      Are network folders supported?

      How can I engage support to document this (apparent) bug?