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    Close Window Control in RoboHelp

    VitastaAdobe Newcomer

      I have added a Close button using Insert > HTML help Control > Close Window. It places the Close button in the topic. I generate the help, and when I view it, the Close button is no longer there. I am in RH 9 and working with FM 10 files in RH. Why does the Close button not display in my local help?

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          Captiv8r Mythic

          What is your help output? WebHelp, AIRHelp, FlashHelp, Microsoft HTML Help, etc


          This is an HTML Help control. Seems to be present and work fine if I compile a CHM file. But if I generate WebHelp, it's missing.


          However, it's easy enough to script if you want. Just add a JavaScript command of window.close() to a link or a button. But don't be surprised if it fails to work a lot of the time. Closing a window is a troublesome thing. Just do a Google search for JavaScript window close to see what I mean.


          Cheers... Rick