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      In order to receive an ePub, I downloaded the Aldiko Reader App on my Kindle Fire HD. I created and verified my Adobe DRM. However, it will not let me sign on. The error message I get is as follows:


      Failed to authorize device [E_AUTH_BAD_SERVER_RESPONSE]


      There are no problems with my Internet connection nor my server. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing worked. I'm kind of baffled as to what the issue is.


      On top of that, I spoke with a "Customer Care" rep confirmed that my account was verified, but insisted that my questions could only be answered in the forums. How infuriating! What's the point of customer service if they're just going to tell you to get the info elsewhere? Aaaaand I can't find the info anywhere in the forums!


      Can someone please tell me the best way to solve this issue?

          bhaugen Level 1

          Did you get Aldiko through the Amazon Android app store? I did not think Amazon allowed competing ebook reading applications to be installed on the Kindle Fire HD.


          Are you able to activate your account in Adobe Digital Editions? This would help rule out it being a problem with your account.


          Have you tried any other ebook reading applications on your Kindle Fire HD? There should be a few others that support Adobe DRM.


            I suddenly had this problem this week, with my previously authorised ADE showing as unauthorised for no reason.


            In my case I think the authorisation error is probably because my ADE is authorised on my computer, but was showing as not. So I was trying to authorise an authorised device (and not getting a very helpful/insightful error message!). The following process deleted my current authorisation and I just re-authorised and all good so far: -


            Use CTRL + SHIFT (i.e. the UP ARROW) + D to bring up the Delete Authorisation Information box - and continue to do that.


            Then re-authoise your computer/device.


            Thanks to Treborbill for the solution - found in a post on a similar Authorisation problem.