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    Color Issue


      Hi Guys I'm having color issue I have Dell U3011 Monitor working in sRGB mode. I have 4 apps opened on this screenshot and the Illustrator and After Effects color is more saturated than Bridge and Photoshop why is this happening? Here is the screen capture:



      Thanks for all your help!

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That is probably a broken display profile; or the wrong one. Different applications can sometimes react differently to a bad profile. Is the Dell calibrated/profiled with a calibrator, or are you using the canned Dell profiles?


          And while we're at it, you do realize that if you change the monitor from native to sRGB, or change any other monitor setting, you also need to load a display profile that reflects the new state of the monitor? And that you need to relaunch any color managed applications so that they can pick up the new profile at startup?


          As long as you keep the Dell in sRGB mode, try to set sRGB as default display profile in Windows. Or Adobe RGB for native mode. If the difference disappears you know it's the profile.

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            3Dsoul Level 1


            I figured it out since the Dell is a second monitor I had to manually assign the sRGB profiles in windows to my laptop and the Dell monitor looks all even now.