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    Flash or Adobe CC has been corrupting files?

    psurace99 Level 1

      Hi there everyone,


      I'm having a problem I hope we can get to the bottom of as I am an independent professional working with Flash to make advertisements.


      My timelines are always very tight but something new has been happening and it's happened with After Effects as well, and quite frankly this NEEDS TO STOP RIGHT NOW.  There is no time to always remake a file because it won't open.


      My business is based on replicating files after one is created however since installing CC (which is now CC 2014) my Adobe programs have been giving me hell.  At random certain files are corrupted and are not letting me back into them.  This has happened both in Flash and After Effects, I am here about Flash today.


      There is no error code and there is no more information other than "An error occurred opening "file path".


      This as I said has ONLY STARTED SINCE I'VE INSTALLED CC and BEYOND.  IT HAS TO STOP AND I NEED A SOLUTION PLEASE.  I've rebuilt files over and over assuming it was me and my fault, but once After Effects started doing it to me I realized it's ADOBE and not me or my setup.


      Obviously there is no way to troubleshoot an error of this kind as there isn't a code or anything.  I've first assumed it was a component I had in Flash, it's not because as I said After Effects is doing it to me also.  Also that component is essential to doing my work and cannot be removed, alternately I've used this component PLENTY before CC came out, this never happened once.  Second I assumed my HD was failing, it's not plenty of other work all over the HD doesn't do this in other applications (including and ESPECIALLY  NON ADOBE applications).  I am at a total loss.


      I am also however a BIG proponent of the CC concept, but it's starting to appear to me that something different must be happening in this deployment of software because as a user of Adoobe Photoshop since version 3 and Flash since it was "MACROMEDIA" FLASH 3...this has never happened before, even as a CS6 user it never happened until I installed CC, and I don't USE Flash CC because my clients need CS6.  This issue also has never happened regardless of OS either Mac or PC.


      What did you do differently Adobe, why do my files just die?  Does anyone else have this problem?


      Please Please Please help, I cannot keep rebuilding files that die on me, when you're replicating you do "Save As" a lot, and if my "master" dies then there is no save as it's "start over".  I've done this 6-8 times already, I need a resolution.


      Windows 7 Ultimate

      Dual Xeon 8 Core

      40 GB Ram

      512 SSD


      ...more than enough for a program like Flash.