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    How to correctly set margins and page size for print.


      I cannot seem to figure this out.  So, any help is greatly appreciated as I feel this question may be obvious to most but I am new to adobe products. 


      I am making a 11x8.5 in trifold brochure.  After it has been printed I need it to be this size.  However, from my understanding the margin space is not actually printed, and i create my document within the set margins.  So do I lose space then?  If I set my margins to be .5 inches, then will my brochure end up being 10x7.5?   If this is the case, can I set the margins to zero?  Or should I make the page 1 inch larger via width and height?


      Again, I realize these questions may be silly to some of you, but I just can't seem to figure it out in my head and until I do I cannot create this document.  Thanks